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a high-resolution animated interactive global map
of present and possible future climate

data and visualisation produced by the climate data factory
with support from the Copernicus Climate Change Service and
through project High-resolution climate projections
A TCFD-aligned climate hazard dataset for climate related financial disclosures

Displayed data

"future" conditions are from a worst case scenario
with no effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
(Representative Concentration Pathway 8.5 of IPCC)
as simulated by and averaged from four climate models

the data represent conditions at near ground or water level
a layer that follows the contours of the sea, valeys, mountains, etc.

Temperature Temperature at 2 meter above ground
Precipitation Total precipitation (water and/or snow) at ground surface

keyboard shortcuts

e show/hide menu
k go forward one time step
j go backward one time step
n go to now (present)
g toggle the grid on/off



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